Episode 1 – Jerry Goldsmith’s ‘Patton’

Welcome to the first episode of Film Music Fridays, narrated by CineConcerts President & Producer (& conductor) Justin Freer! These bi-weekly videos will be part educational, fun, and shed some light as to why we believe film music, and its corresponding relationship to the moving image, is one of the most unique and inspiring music genres in our history. Some of you may not know that Justin himself studied under the iconic score composer Jerry Goldsmith, and since we have Rudy in Concert (again featuring another iconic Goldsmith score) coming up at Microsoft Theater on March 30th, we felt it only appropriate to have his music discussed on our very first episode. In this episode, Justin talks about his favorite scene from the film Patton (1970), and how Jerry’s compositional elements permeate the General’s character and his belief in reincarnation.